Game summary by Chris Lawson
1851 is a new 18xx game set in Kentucky and Tennessee, it is designed for 3 to 5 players and takes about 3 hours to play.

The game will be suited for new players as well as experienced hands. Due to the shorter playing time it should make a very good introduction game as well. While a number of rules and "features" have been removed either for ease of play or because they are not suited for a smaller game, new concepts have been introduced which are not found in existing American 18xx games. These include partial capitalization, bonus routes, station marker costs and the ability for a corporation to buy and sell it's own shares. These new ideas are integral to the game play and strategy and not just superficial chrome to make the game different.

The game should appeal to the track builders as well as the share dealers. The map soon builds up a network of track that runs between all corners of the board, this is due to tile build rules, the lack of $10 cities and the bonus 'red-to-red' routes. The six corporations in the game are partially capitalized when floated and can sell/buy their own stock to/from the bank pool during the operating round. There is no "initial offering" as the corporation owns the unsold stock and also receive dividends on stock held in their treasury, stock is always sold at the current stock market price (no "par price").

Background History
The game originated in the 18TN design by Mark Derrick (who lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee). During playtesting of 18TN the rules were further developed by myself and as this resulted in a totally new game, it was decided that a new title would be appropriate. While both games share the same goals, to create an easy and faster 18xx game, the end result is that 18TN and 1851 are two totally different games but based around similar maps using the same six corporations.

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